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The next webinar in the Public Safety Innovation Series by Envisage Technologies.


You want a strong testing process so that you know everyone in the fire service can do their jobs competently, but cheating in testing appears to be easier than ever. How do you ensure the integrity of the examination process so that lives are not lost on the fire ground?


In this second installment of the High-Stakes Testing mini-series, learn how you can detect and prevent cheating by understanding the what, why, and how of creating a trustworthy exam process


About the Presenters


Ari Vidali is the founder and CEO of Envisage Technologies. In his 20+ years in technology, Ari has been the lead founder and visionary for five high-tech enterprises. He’s involved in building next-generation training systems, cloud-based learning, records management, automation of high-liability training operations, and pervasive readiness technologies. He is a committee member of the National Congress for Secure Communities and an advisory board member of IADLEST. Ari has also consulted for Federal Agencies, Homeland Security, Public Safety, Military, and Law Enforcement on technology, security, legally defensible records, compliance, and training.


Fire Chief Clive Savacool has been in the fire service since 1996. He’s held many positions including Firefighter/Paramedic, Engineer, Captain, Training Chief, Battalion Chief, and Vice President for the firefighter's union, and currently serves as Fire Chief for the Garden Valley Fire Protection District in northern California. Clive is also a founder of Exposure Tracker, an app that tracks toxic exposure, injuries, and communicable disease exposure for firefighters.


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