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The next webinar in the Public Safety Innovation Series by Envisage Technologies.

Firefighters face intense and taxing work environments that require a high level of preparedness. Rates of line of duty deaths and injuries are alarming among firefighters.

In addition to risks related to fire ground operations, research is increasingly pointing to the importance of modifiable risk factors as key predictors of injury and loss. Current data suggests that, due to occupational risk factors, the fire service faces high rates of obesity and low fitness, high rates of heavy and binge drinking, poor cardiovascular health profiles, increased risk of several kinds of cancer, and concerns related to behavioral health.

Mitigating these risks requires not only individual, but also system level changes in policies, practices, and cultural norms by fire departments. Improving the readiness of firefighters and decreasing line of duty injuries and deaths requires fire service leaders to be knowledgeable about and engaged in health promotion for their personnel.


About the Presenter

Sara A. Jahnke, Ph.D. is the Director of the Center for Fire, Rescue and EMS Health Research at the National Development and Research Institutes, Inc. Dr. Jahnke has served as the Principal Investigator of several large-scale studies of the health and readiness of the U.S. Fire Service funded by the Department of Homeland Security, the National Institutes of Health, and the American Heart Association.

Current projects include studies focused on evaluating the National Fallen Firefighter’s Foundation "Stress First Aid" program, the health of women in the fire service, research on workplace violence, exposure assessments on the fire ground, and randomized controlled trials of wellness interventions. She serves as a co-investigator of several other studies focused on fitness, nutrition, and health behaviors in both firefighters and military populations.


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